1000 litres of heating oil (kerosene) lost to ground during a delivery event. Response, assessment, remediation and restoration of soil and groundwater utilising a combination of techniques.
  • Date:¬†2017
  • Sector:¬†Insurance
  • Project Type:¬†Remediation & Restoration

About this Project

Our expert responded to the loss following a significant loss of fuel to ground during a kerosene fuel delivery event. Working with adjoining effected property owners and the Environment Agency to implement a restoration solution that protected building and groundwater receptors.

Loss Details:

  • >1,000 litres of kerosene lost to ground adjacent to the swimming pool.
  • Chalk groundwater aquifer at 2 metres below ground level.
  • Swimming pool, basement and bespoke Stommel Haus property at risk.
  • Two properties.
  • Liability claim.
Restoration Response

  • Excavation of contaminated soils to ~2m at the point of loss within 24 hours;
  • Installation of groundwater oil recovery wells;
  • Oil recovery from chalk groundwater aquifer using oil recovery skimmers;
  • Chemical oxidation of residual dissolved phase oil contamination;
  • Validation monitoring to verify to both property owners and regulators that the incident had been successfully addressed, with environmental and building conditions restored to pre-loss conditions.